It's been about 2-3 months since my last post. Hahahaha. Today, I've finished national exam YEAAAAH! (after that five 'hectic' days). I hope the result will be good enough, but I don't know about Biology. That's the worst I think during the national exam. I love the Physics test! I think it's also because Mrs. Biliana had given us (XII Science) many try out, so that we could the test better. A lot of thanks to her :) Chemistry is also good but not as good as physics.

Well today, after those kind of stuff, I went to PIM with Bella, Trixie, and Nana. Today was the sushi-party for us hahaha we were sooo 'kalap'. Hahaha. It's silly. I bought a nice-black-dress at Metro. You know what? Shopping is ADDICTIVE. It wasn't enough for me so then I bought another dress, a very simple dress at ZARA. Shopping not only addictive but also can make a good mood. It truly happened! I plan to wear this simple dress at Bali. Bali bali bali bali I can't wait. These are some places that I plan to do in Bali (about 25 days from now) :

Waterbom, Bali

Bali Zoo

Dreamland Beach

Watch Kecak Dance Show

Watersport, Sushi Tei (again), Sling shot? Hahahaha. I wish it would be fun. No, no, no, it must be fun! CAN'T WAIT. But I still have to do 'Praktek' and UAS. Wish me luck!